double page conventions

  • Name of artist
  • Mise en scene (setting, costume, actors, lighting and props)
  • Symbolic codes (in other words the connotations)
  • Text Wrap (When the text is shaped around an object or quote)
  • Pull quotes (Key quotes that are larger in font than the rest of the text- usually positioned in the middle of a column)
  • Representation (how the artists has been shown/portrayed or represented) positive or negative.
  • Buzz word (exciting word)
  • Graphic feature (usually a coloured shape on the page e.g. heart, circle, triangle, +sign )
  • Seasonal theme (when colour and content reflect the time of year)
  • Puff (a gift that comes free with a magazine)
  • Enigma codes ( exciting but incomplete information -makes the audience want to find out more)


College Magazine Self Evaluation


Personally, I believe that I have achieved an amazing looking magazine cover. I have used all conventions; such as masthead, sell lines, a puff, a bar code etc. I also have used legible bold text for my masthead, which will benefit the viewer by making it eye catching and easy to read. Furthermore, I believe I have aligned  everything out evenly and it is visually neat, tidy  and professional looking.

However, with all that said I can acknowledge that their are a few mistakes or things that could be improved. As a viewer the first thing you’d see is RED, there is not an even balance when it comes to colour. Red is already such a vibrant colour and by it being everywhere its a bit too much.

Also, the typography is fairly boring. I have only really used 3 typefaces in this magazine cover. This is visually boring for the viewer and is not as eye catching as I first thought.

One thing that could be improved is the quality of the photo. The photo is exactly what I planed it to be however, the quality does not do it justice. I’d say to improve this I could take this picture in a studio with good lighting.


Once again I believe my strength was in the layout of the actual pages. However I believe they can be improved by less RED in the pages, its a bit overwhelming. Moreover, the placement of the pictures could be improved, because they interfere with the actual text making it harder for the viewer to read.