Survey results analysis

I have gathered a fair amount of results now to carry out the creation of my music magazine.


I have given 5 options for the type of music they listen to. As shown, the majority listens to hip hop and rap and 25% listen to other types of music.


I’ve noticed a trend, everyone or the majority believe that music magazines talk about an artist and their upcoming projects, which ins’t wrong. However, the bottom answer is also a very good point. Music magazines also talk about the audience and their lifestyles .i.e. clothing, accessories etc.

q3 I gave 5 options for a suitable name for a music (hip hop) magazine, a small amount believe that the name “G.O.D.S” would be a suitable name however the majority leaned towards the name “BLXCK”.


In my fourth question I thought it would be interesting to find out who people enjoy listening to the most. The choices vary however, by the names of the rappers I can tell that these people enjoy rappers who experiment with music however it may be. For example, Drake sings and raps, Kendrick Lamar combines funk, jazz, spoken word and gangsta rap into one genre.


In regards to my house style, I have given 3 options on a fitting colour scheme. All of them include gold, gold being a royal and regal colour and goes well with all the other colours. Every options was chosen, with red and gold having 12.5%, white and gold coming in second with 37.5%, the results landed on black and gold as the preferred colour scheme.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.09.16

one of the most important features of any sort of magazine is the front cover and what it holds. To eye catching cover I asked the question shown above. All  answers believe that and artist should be the front cover and I agree.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.23.20

Most music magazines occasionally have puffs on the front cover, this is basically advertising a sort of prize or opportunity, and by the looks of the results it seems to be fairly popular.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.09.31

Furthermore, to make my puff more realistic I gathered some ideas of what people actually would expect a puff to showcase. the answers vary but free tickets and headphones by a famous brand seems to be quite popular.



double page conventions

  • Name of artist
  • Mise en scene (setting, costume, actors, lighting and props)
  • Symbolic codes (in other words the connotations)
  • Text Wrap (When the text is shaped around an object or quote)
  • Pull quotes (Key quotes that are larger in font than the rest of the text- usually positioned in the middle of a column)
  • Representation (how the artists has been shown/portrayed or represented) positive or negative.
  • Buzz word (exciting word)
  • Graphic feature (usually a coloured shape on the page e.g. heart, circle, triangle, +sign )
  • Seasonal theme (when colour and content reflect the time of year)
  • Puff (a gift that comes free with a magazine)
  • Enigma codes ( exciting but incomplete information -makes the audience want to find out more)

College Magazine Self Evaluation


Personally, I believe that I have achieved an amazing looking magazine cover. I have used all conventions; such as masthead, sell lines, a puff, a bar code etc. I also have used legible bold text for my masthead, which will benefit the viewer by making it eye catching and easy to read. Furthermore, I believe I have aligned  everything out evenly and it is visually neat, tidy  and professional looking.

However, with all that said I can acknowledge that their are a few mistakes or things that could be improved. As a viewer the first thing you’d see is RED, there is not an even balance when it comes to colour. Red is already such a vibrant colour and by it being everywhere its a bit too much.

Also, the typography is fairly boring. I have only really used 3 typefaces in this magazine cover. This is visually boring for the viewer and is not as eye catching as I first thought.

One thing that could be improved is the quality of the photo. The photo is exactly what I planed it to be however, the quality does not do it justice. I’d say to improve this I could take this picture in a studio with good lighting.


Once again I believe my strength was in the layout of the actual pages. However I believe they can be improved by less RED in the pages, its a bit overwhelming. Moreover, the placement of the pictures could be improved, because they interfere with the actual text making it harder for the viewer to read.