MAIN TASK:  MY MAGAZINE PROPOSAL                                               Why?

Working title:


BLXCK Hip hop a genre, which originated from the   afro Caribbean culture is a predominantly black genre which is why I chose the name. The “x” instead of the “a” is just a symbolisation of the genres known habit of being quite rebellious.


Hip hop Hip hop is a genre I know like the back of my hand. I’ve listened to it all my life and have enjoyed every part of it. It is also a very interesting genre to do a magazine on.
Target Audience:


C2-e, ages 16+ More people in this group would relate to the magazine.


£5.29 Due to my research I’ve noticed that many if not most Hip Hop magazines cost more than other genres.
Convergence: Social media:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat



These are the most commonly used social media sites at the moment.
Feedback from primary research will act upon


Most people would like a mainstream/upcoming artist as the front cover. I agree with these results and believe it’s the smartest method of gaining customers.


REPRESENTATION:                                                                                          Why?

Choice of model on front cover:





I have chosen these boys due to their resemblance of what I believe to be a mainstream looking rapper.


PHOTO-SHOOT FRONT COVER:                                                                 Why?




In studio I’d prefer to digitally modify the images so a studio would make this process easier.



Glasses Glasses just give the model a bit of character and can be used as a trademark of some sort.
Costume: Hugh:

North face jacket (digitally modified)


Zara jacket (digitally modified)

The brands I’ve chosen are very common amongst rappers due to their high prices and appealing look.

Different angles?


Two shot-front cover


My story is about a rap group of two and this shot will help me capture this.
Gestures/Body language:


Different poses?


Front cover-

Arms together looking at the camera with serious facial expression.


Most hip hop magazines have images of very serious rappers, so I feel that this pose would be best.




PHOTO-SHOOT CONTENTS PAGE:                                                                            Why?

How many different set-ups?  Delete as appropriate.  Vary costume, props etc.




Around an estate. It is very “street” and gritty as well as being professional looking.


Derrick He is a quite big male so he can mimic a young adult easier, which is the age group of most relevant rappers.


Grillz, ring, watch These all tie in with hip hops iconography.
Costume: Red bandana jacket, jeans


Bandana jacket ties in with the gang culture which is a huge part of the hip hop culture.


Mid shot/close up To capture all the jewellery yet still show off the clothing this would be the best shot In my opinion.
Gestures/Body language:


Content page-

Cheesy smile to show off grillz finger gun to show off ring and watch

Most rappers will gold teeth do this pose.


  1. Why?


Car park Open space nice scenery 




Dennis being white/Asian and Xavier being afro Caribbean shows diversity in the genre.


Ring Ties in with hip hop Iconography.
Costume: Dennis:

Camo jacket/bottoms and cap


Camo jacket t shirt jeans and side bag

Camo ties in with war iconography which links to violence which hip hop has been very well known for.


2 shot


Capture both models due to it being double page content page
Gestures/Body language:


Relaxed yet flashy Most rappers when taking pictures look like this.


PHOTO-SHOOT DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD:                                                                Why?

How many different set-ups?  Delete as appropriate.  Vary costume, props etc.



In studio/ Photoshop I’d prefer to make the majority of my DPS on Photoshop.




They are the main rappers for the magazines current issue.


Microphone Microphone ties in with the hip hop iconography.
Costume: Black jackets


Very plan look just for simplicity and seriousness.


Side view close up

Mid shot

Close up

My idea for the DPS consists of various shots combined into one picture.
Gestures/Body language:





Also ties in to my digital work



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