inspirations from the world around me

Chips fire in the booth Jan 24, 2015
Bugzy Malone fire in booth Mar 14, 2015

Being that I am a young boy from East London I am exposed to a lot more than say my parents or their generation. I grew up on hip hop, movies and cartoons. Recently in the UK hip hop sub genre “Grime” a feud has irrupted. I won’t go into detail but Chip was insulted by another artists remarks about unsigned artist and shared his feelings towards him in his fire in the booth. Bugzy Malone didn’t appreciate Chip coming out of nowhere and saying he is “the grime scene saviour”, ever since then there feud has been on going. This gives a genre a sense of competition, this sensation has been missing from the genre has been missing for over 10 years. This is exciting for fans and the reason people like the genre in the first place. This reflects Grimes origins of the gritty streets of Bow(Stratford) East London.

Kendrick Lamar’s To pimp a butterfly 2015

Kendrick Lamar is arguably the greatest rapper of his time, his music themes are on growing up in  the former murder capital of America, Compton LA, black on black crime, police brutality, racism etc. His music is controversial and respected. Not only does he talk about world issues, he has mastered the craft of rap and spoken word. Outlandish metaphors, mind blowing word play the list goes on. Once he had released this album he has retained his title of the king of rap, critics loved it as did fans. He didn’t stick to making main steam music, he experimented with spoken word, jazz, funk, old school gangsta rap etc.


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